Making the Most of Social B2B Marketing

Strategies for B2B marketing are a lot different than those for traditional content, consumer, or thought leadership marketing – especially when it comes to B2B marketing on social media.

When you're primary audience are buyers and executives at other businesses, the model for attracting and engaging followers changes substantially, and the model for how you market changes too: the kind of information about your business that businesses and executives look for is going to generally be very different than what someone trying to buy a sandwich or a new pair of sneakers might want to see.

To learn how one company manages social B2B marketing, we sat down with health-guru and Social Stream user Raquel Garzon to discuss challenges and strategies surrounding social B2B media marketing.

Two years ago, equipped with a doctorate in health science and fifteen years' experience in the health and personal care industry, Raquel Garzon decided it was time to start Revitalize Project, a company that helps organizations revitalize their communities' health and well-being by inspiring and empowering them to live healthy and productive lives.
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Raquel's sales pipeline is primarily business-to-business, providing services ranging from general consulting and advising, talks and workshops and the development (or much-needed improvement) of company wellness programs. One of her biggest challenges when it comes to marketing, though, is the disconnect between her customers and her community: the people she works with are often different from the people paying the bills.

The "customers" of the Revitalize Project – the people Raquel needs to market to – are usually C-level executives and HR managers, people who are primarily interested in information-first, "professional" kinds of content. Raquel has found that posting thought-leadership and informational articles on her LinkedIn profile is the best way to reach these customers:

"Most of my contacts come from LinkedIn, and then they'll go to my website and say, 'Okay, she's credible, she's done this for a really long time,' and then I talk to the client."

Why Linkedin is the best B2B marketing social platform Image from Business2Community

However, it is on her Facebook page that the majority of her social media presence and community is found. On Facebook, Raquel can interact with her community, which is composed of both general wellness enthusiasts as well as people who've experienced her presentations, workshops and trainings and have wanted to learn more.

The challenge, though, was bridging the gap between these two segments of her audience:

"The people I connect with on Facebook are people who have already seen me speak. They want to stay in contact with me so they can keep getting content like articles and my blog posts, but I'm not getting business on [Facebook]... it's more of a community connection."

So how to start bridging the gap?

Raquel had already set up a website for the Revitalize Project using Wix, a popular site-building platform, and she knew she wanted to add posts from her Facebook feed to display some of her company's personality and sensibility – what makes organizations and audiences around the globe engage her services – while still maintaining her site's professional appearance.

"I did a search for "app for streaming social media," and then I read about the different apps... and [Social Stream] had really, really good reviews, and was one of the top rated apps overall, not just on Wix."

(And not that we're bragging... but the reviews are pretty darn good.)


We worked with Raquel to help her make the most of Social Stream and to configure Social Stream to do exactly what she wanted. She gave us some awesome feedback and ideas for new features that we plan to incorporate in future releases.

Raquel primarily uses Social Stream to incorporate her Facebook feed onto her business website, and likes that it lets her show off some of the fun, personable side of herself and her business while still keeping the tone of her site serious and professional overall.

"My Facebook posts are less formal than LinkedIn and include links to content I write, links to content that is relevant to my brand or business, inspirational quotes, photos of participants, sessions, and other activities, or occasionally a poll to get feedback from my audience. The comments are positive and create a sense of community."

Raquel is currently writing a book on applying the principles she's learned from the business world to improving personal health, relationships, and personal performance, marking a distinct shift from a strictly B2B business model to a B2C component as well. By building a community on Facebook alongside her other B2B marketing efforts, she's already well-positioned for this new transition.

As the Revitalize Project continues to grow and expand its services, Raquel sees opportunities to move into other kinds of social media marketing – YouTube, Twitter and Medium – but for now, the combination of a professional website, strong LinkedIn presence, and a fun, humanizing Facebook feed provided by Social Stream meets the B2B marketing needs of her business.

By stringing together multiple social media services and tailoring content to meet the assigned goals for each medium – professional, thought-based content for LinkedIn, community engagement on Facebook, customer attraction and communication on Twitter, and visual content interaction on Instagram and YouTube – you can leverage the endless possibilities afforded by social media, while hitting your B2B marketing goals.

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